Fresh install freePbx

I have a new pc that i would like to dedicate as new pbx server.
My other box currently working with just a few voice mail and call transferring issues,is working great. The two systems are identical. the reason for the switch is primary to increase cpu performance as well as security reasons and obtain one truly dedicated box strictly to running my phone. I currently use the same pc to browse the Internet and handle any and all personal-professional computer tasks. There was a big problem in the beginning of set up/ trunk registration blocking access, which was a glitch or resolved with firewall settings.

The question is once i boot up the secondary machine and configure the firewall to allow sip-station to register. What changes to the old system should i expect to make? Will this cause problems with two computers trying to register the same
trunks and such? what could i do to keep the original server from interfering with the new asterisk server, keeping it minimal as possable in the casse i want ton revert for back up needed down the road?

I have done all the above and followed the recommedations of
sipstation by disabling the trunks prior to attempting to register the new box.I quess i should not try to fix what is
not broken but i’m seeking an explanation why calls where coming
through after i disable the trunks on both servers, restarted
the network and rebooted the phone? Is it also normal for phone
to continue working while pc is powered down?

It’s not possible at all.

One of the Asterisk boxes was up and somehow the trunk was not really disabled.

I actually have never used the disabled checkbox, not sure what it does. You might want to check it, apply settings in FreePBX and do a sip show peers to see what is up.

I was having some network trouble not able to connect to the Internet on the new
system after the switch. I remember now that i copied trunk info and registered the trunks manually a few months back in connectivity under trunks VS the sipstaion auto config because of the lock out do to the firewall not being set up yet. The new system was always powered down however the Ethernet cable was plugged in. Once i configured the firewall properly the phone began to work, but there was no outside Internet.

I figured the problem may be related to Eth0.cfg having conflict with NM_manager control yes/no settings. I realized this may take a little longer than expected so decided to abort the switch and go back to the old system. Disable trunks, Re Enabled trunks on old box, updated
globals,ip provisioning server in phone applied trunk config, rebooted phone and router, But still now luck with the old system yet. I’m Going to try rebooting the Pc. I saved a copy of the trunk settings prior to disabling which was a good Idea because there was a difference.

Name/username Host Dyn Forcerport ACL Port Status Description
003 (Unspecified) D A 0 UNKNOWN
004 (Unspecified) D A 0 UNKNOWN
005 (Unspecified) D A 0 UNKNOWN
fpbx-1-xxx/yyy N 5060 UNREACHABLE
fpbx-2-xxx/yyy N 5060 UNREACHABLE
5 sip peers [Monitored: 0 online, 5 offline Unmonitored: 0 online, 0 offline]

You have to check the basics, look at ‘route’ is the gateway correct ‘ifconfig’ will display interface settings. Can you ping the gateway?

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