Fresh FreePBX distro not pulling list of commercial modules

Hi All,

First post here, ill try and include everything that i can :slight_smile:

Situation is:
I am creating a new PBX for our office here in London, currently i am not interested in adding phones or anything i just want to experiment with commercial End Point Manager, after that i may roll it out elsewhere.

Current System:
Server running ESXi 5.5

Steps i took:
I installed FreePBX Distro from the Website yesterday, 64Bit. After installing i configured networking etc, the box can ping and DNS works correctly. I then rebooted and it updated all the modules as i would expect. Then i registered the system using System Admin and that worked fine. Then when i go into Module Admin, click on commercial modules and then ‘check online’ it only shows me the modules that are installed and says beside each one: “Enabled; Not available online”

I cant see anything being blocked in the Firewall so im a bit stuck. This is the second time i am trying, i installed a fresh one this morning and am getting the same issues.

Any help would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Version: FreePBX


I have the same issue. Fresh install today (FreePBX-5.211.65-12-x86_64-Full-1401063801.iso)
Almost every module says "Enabled; Not available online"
There is two modules that say “Enabled and up to date” and those are FreePBX Framework and System Admin.

I’m able to download system updates using yum just fine.

Ok so last night i installed FreePBX on a ESXi server at home and it worked perfectly, so what i did was export the OVF template and deployed it at work and it seems to work properly, i am able to update modules, and i managed to licence, and download firmware through EPM.
Im convinced it is not anything to do with the firewall as i opened up all ports on the firewall to the PBX to make sure…

I reinstalled the distro and this time it updated all of the modules and everything appears to be working fine