Fresh FreePBX Distro install-Destination for Incoming Route options don't include "Extension"?

A fresh install of the FreePBX Distro (1.813.210.58 32-bit) and had no issues. I’m now setting up the trunks (appear to be fine) and now trying to configure my incoming route. However, there are only the options in the Destination drop down for Feature Code Admin, PhoneBook Directory, Terminate Call and Trunks. I just want it to forward directly to an Extension (and my older setup, using AsteriskNow as a base, lists Extensions, Conferences and several other options).

What do I need to do to enable those other Destination categories?

Ugh- just realized I hadn’t double checked my Extensions creation- I was creating a 3 digit extension, but I need a 4 digit extension. Once I got that it was all good. Which leads to my next post…