Fresh FreePBX 14 installation cannot upgrade modules

Hello all,

We just completed a fresh installation, we ran module updates, it did failed to update specific modules due to depending on other modules, now when we ran it again, we have the attached error.

We tried rebooting, we did system updates, but still getting same error when checking for online module updates.

Any help appreciated


We’re getting that on multiple systems today…old and new. I’m wondering they are down/having issues today…

Working now, but we were unable to check since ~9am EST…12:40pm EST now.

Same here.

Not sure what was wrong.

Was having that too. I think its their servers. It is update Tuesday…

Nothing was being updated at this time. Something you have to consider with our mirror servers is that freepbx is a very large and we’ll known product. We often get DDOS attacks on mirror which take them down for a couple of hours.