Fresh distro install on private LAN, using xlite, cannot establish any calls?

Hi all,
Well, I have searched for hours but cannot find a solution… I am not sure exactly where the problem is but here goes…

FreePBX - Clean Distro Install on dedicated server.

I have opted for user/device mode vs. extension. I have several users / devices configured, and same on xlite. It (xlite) apparently connects as it shows on both the client and the FreePBX system status screen as online.

I also set up a “conference” (with no PIN)at 9001… No matter what i dial, either extension or conference #, i get “Failed to establish call” Unfortunately, I am now at a complete loss on how to troubleshoot this… Any ideas? Thank you!!!

Can your users call each other at their respective extension #s? Can they call the echo test or time of day feature code? Can they call their voicemail boxes? Can you they place outgoing calls?

Where is this “Failed to establish call” message showing up? That’s not a standard error message that Asterisk would play. Are you sure your endpoints are configured properly?