Fresh Distro Install (Latest); PHP memory limit too low warning

I just completed a fresh install of the latest FreePBX Distro (

Upon accessing the web interface for the first time, I saw a message in the “FreePBX Notices” area of the “FreePBX System Status” page that is titled “Memory Limit Changed.” The text indicates that the memory limit is set too low and has been changed to 100M, and that I might want to update php.ini. I checked php.ini and it is set to 32.

Is this something that needs fixing?

I double checked and this message appears on the install on the latest distro and the one immediately prior to that one, i.e. does not have the warning, and the field in php.ini is correctly set to 128M in and the latest distro both have the field in php.ini set at 32M.

I noticed the same thing. We just did a new install and the php resource limits have changed in the new install. Is this something that should be fixed? Can anyone post the recommended settings?

Max mem allocation 128M
Max file upload size 100M
Max input parsing time 60s
Max http post size DEFAULT
Max execution time 30s

Max mem allocation 32M
Max file upload size 100M
Max input parsing time 60s
Max http post size 100M
Max execution time 30s

We will correct it in the next release and also in the upgrade script but you can fix it manually also.

Tony- will the HTTP Post Size change make any difference?

Here’s how to change the memory limit:

  1. login to your linux command prompt using “root” without the quotes as the login and your root password.

  2. Issue the following commands

cd /etc
nano php.ini
Hit CTRL-W. Type in “memory” and hit ENTER.

  1. This should take you to a line that reads:

memory_limit = 32M ; some other words here

Change 32M to 128M

Also, delete some or all of the words after the semi-colon (;). If you don’t, one or two will move to the next line, and when you boot, those words will be processed as a separate entry and cause other errors.

  1. Then reboot your system by typing


at the command prompt.

I’ve used either the config edit, or the webmin to go in an edit the files. As I find that quicker then using the command with my Unix skill set.

After seeing the Error message I went looking for either a config editor, or webmin. I was not able to track that down in the tool, and after some reading I saw comments that most would just do a yum install webmin.

Back to my limited Unix skill set, I couldn’t find where webmin was included in the distribution as noted in some of the posts here. I tried to reseach yum groups, and other things, atlast, I’ve spent my 3-4 hours trying to figure out how to us the current distribution without using the RPM on the webmin site (As I was concerned that might cause issues) but I’m throwing in the towel.

How the heck do you install webmin using the current do you install webmin? Or is the answer, just follow the instructions on the webmin site and do a RPM install?

Thank you for the help,



You can either do the modification using the instructions I prepared, or you can install Webmin using the instructions on the Webmin web-site.

PBX In A Flash installs webmin by default, but the FreePBX Distro does not.

I have no idea why.

It may be that webmin creates a potential security risk because it allows anyone with access to your network to make significant modifications to your system without your knowledge. Also, I believe that, by default, webmin uses port 10,000 which is already used by Asterisk, so it can create some conflicts there as well. I believe that PIAF resolves this latter issue by changing the webmin port from 10,000 to 9001.

PIAF is what I’ve been using for the past 5 years. I’ll change the port to the same 9001 used there.

My 2 cents are, those tools are useful to those of us that spend zero time in the unix command shell.

Thank you again,


Quicker and less chance to mess up your config files because of line breaks etc. is to use the free WinSCP tool. You can then browse your freePBX machine and edit files on it in an explorer like fashion, and you don’t have to install anything on the PBX itself, it simply connects over SSH! I use it all the time when dealing with linux boxes.

Ok so the issue here is that the php RPM’s use to come stock with 16M as the memory limit and in our kickstart we did the following.

sed -i “s/^memory_limit = 16M.*$/memory_limit = 64M/” /etc/php.ini

They now come stock as 32M so the sed was never finding the old 16M to change.

I added a new line to the kickstart of

sed -i “s/^memory_limit = 32M.*$/memory_limit = 128M/” /etc/php.ini

We use to default it to 64M but will take it to 128M now.