Fresh Distro Install Problems

I’ve installed 64 bit Distro

Everything installs fine and i can update/add modules… but two key things don’t work

First, If i go to sysadmin to apply the Deployment ID, it hangs indefinitely. Then whenever I click on anything else, it say “an error has occurred. Please try again”

When I install EPM (any version), and search for updates to i can download packages, it basically times out. It’s not on Andrew’s end because i can do so from other deployments.

Ok, So you are probably thinking it’s a network issue, or DNS issue…

Well, I’ve moved it to another network, Changes Routers, Changes ISP’s, instead of pointing to my internal DNS server I’ve pointed the box to and, flushed the cache, REFORMATTED AND REINSTALLED 3 TIMES (Over PAINFULLY Slow T-1’s)

I’m bumfuzzled… the pbx can access any site, ping any address, resolve any domain…

What gives? has anyone SUCCESFULLY installed ?

We have thousands of users on and lots with our commercial modules. It really has to be a network issue. Between trying to license your commercial module and not being able to get updates inside the EPM it clearly points to a network issue.

So after wasting much time and chasing my tail, i figured it out. I “KNEW” it had to be a networking issue, but had already “ruled every possibility out.”

As it turns out, the Sonicwall TZ210 (yeah i know) was causing the issue. Even though content filtering is not licensed and disabled it was still causing a problem. Adding the PBX to an exclusion List (after i finally remember to check the ENABLE EXCLUSION LIST box) resolved the problem… now on to was i planned to be working on 12 hours ago. :frowning: