Is there FreePBX ISO CD including Linux, like as Trixbox…
i need FreePBX not Trixbox
i need it including Linux, latest version of FreePBX and asterisk
if there is, please provide me with a link i can download from.

I can think of a half dozen or more…

Google…AsteriskNow… Pbx in a flash…Refer to


you can download Asterisknow 1.5 i hav testet it and its working ok. buth thare is sevol things that you need to chance to get it to run in a super mode. so i whill recoment you to install it from screts… I know asterisk is working on it.

Btw sorry my english spelling

As Bill mentioned, there’s quite the variety to choose from, so you might need to determine what is important for you and your phone system, as all these flavours differ for a reason.

If you’re wanting quick and easy, PBX in a Flash is a good start, especially if this is all new to you.

I am adding to this comment as I have the same question myself and don’t want to spam the forums with multiples. (This is my first post on, so forgive me if I am doing this wrong.)

Like this poster, I am looking for an Asterisk / FreePBX distro. However, I have been using [email protected], and then Trixbox CE to date. I am concerned about the development direction of Trixbox though in the latest versions, and I wonder if any users here have experience with a Distro that is based on CentOS/RedHat and has an otherwise similar feel to Trixbox.

Go to

That looks promising! :slight_smile: