French voice mail prompts

I am trying to run 2 languages on our FreePBX system. The default language is English and a couple of users are set to French. The directory /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/fr exists, the vm-intro.* files exist in French and the permissions file are correct but when users leave a message the prompt is played in English. The extension language code is “fr” so in theory everything should be in French but it is not. When I check sip_additional.conf there is no mention of the language setting for that specific extension anywhere. Is the extension specific language setting saved somewhere else? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

Maybe I need to explain this better. With the extension language code = fr all vm prompts (e.g. *97) are in French so that part works. The problem is when people leave a vm message. No matter what the extension language code is the system always plays the English version of vm-intro “please record your message after…” or the English version of the standard greeting if I do not record a greeting.

Is there ANY way to force the system to answer in French if the destination extension is French (“fr”) without changing the entire system default language? In Quebec French users insist on greeting their callers in French and English users want to greet their callers in English.

It would make sense to play French prompts when someone calls a French extension and English when it’s an English extension.

I resolved the issue by setting the “fr” language in “inbound routes”. Apparently setting the language there uses Set(CHANNEL(language)=fr) so all calls to that DID use French system prompts whereas setting the “fr” language in “extensions” only affects extension specific voice prompts for THAT user i.e. voice mail, call forwarding prompts, etc…

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional but in my case I would prefer a single setting instead of having to change the language code in extensions and inbound routes and potentially VM context. If I missed something or someone knows a better way please let me know.