FreeSwitch with FreePBX

Hi all, I would like to know, is it FreePBX planning to develop in FreeSwitch??
I can’t find any latest news regarding the FreeSwitch implement in FreePBX…
Hope can get some latest status from you all…

May I?

Thanks you.

we will be providing some updates in the near future. It will not be on the 2.x branch of FreePBX, but you can expect some information wrt to 3.0 soon…

wanna check with you…
The process will take half year or another 1 year?
Because I’m really excited and interested to FreeSwitch with FreePBX in the next update… I’m looking forward on it…
Normally where is the annoucement FreePBX will make?

I’m tired of Asterisk weird bugs (specially during DNS failures where it becomes completly mad) and sometimes approximative audio quality and would be very pleased as well to see a Freeswitch version of FreePBX soon.

For us keeners, is there any code we can check out to get a preview, bang on to help find bugs, whatever?

Very interested in FreeSWITCH, but do not have time to hack away at the config files right now. A FreePBX-ish front-end would be great!


A few weeks ago (Feb 2, 2009), some Freeswitch GUI code named “Phonebooth” has been donated to the FreePBX project by Anders Brownworth.

See here :

I hope this will speed up the Freeswitch adaptation of FreePBX.

Posting to show my interest in 3.0 branch too. I’d rather not bug you with mail, but like many others here, would be happy to alpha test this. Part of my job (a small hat) is to manage the Cisco Callmanager 4.1 with Unity in our business. In learning FreeSWITCH for my own edification, I would like to eventually move us away from spending more than necessary on Cisco solution (small business, hard times, etc) on future upgrades to this already expensive voicemail system. We handle hundreds of inbound calls per day and rely on internal calls as well (multiple locations over VOIP), so hopefully the FreeSWITCH/FreePBX combo will be mature enough in a year or twos time to supplant this aging gear.

PS, the pace of FreeSWITCH development is so encouraging! I would appreciate a great GUI like FreePBX to simplify my life. If you have a donate button/fund specific to 3.0/freeswitch development, please let us know in this thread!

Let us vote with our dollars! Regards…

We will be announcing a developer targeted release within a couple of weeks. However,I’ll tell you from experience that voicemail has yet to be the strong point on the OS side, other than maybe on the price of course.

I would also say that I don’t see why you would wait to get off the Cisco. FreePBX plus Asterisk is rock solid today, and the clearly you can monitor progress on all our fronts for new things to come.

I know it has to be very hard working on two separate releases (v2.6 and v3) at the same time but gotta say- I’m really looking forward to v3 with FreeSWITCH! It seems to be the platform of the future and with PBX-independent GUI, really it’s the best of both worlds! Hope it’ll come out soon. Keep up the good work, guys!


Since this page keeps confusing people, let’s clarify…

This project (FreePBX v3) which serves as both a FreeSWITCH GUI and an Asterisk GUI is now maintained under the name “” over at .