FreePXB queues with remote Dundi extensions


We’re currently looking to link several Asterisk servers with one central server handling our call queues and users. Users should be able to login to any extension (local or remote) and then in to a queue with calls being distributed to the physical extension linked to their user.

Currently we have IAX connectivity between two machines, with Dundi look-ups and forwarding functioning as expected.

Now, if say user 902 logs in to local extension 6000, and then logs in to queue 60, everything works fine, as expected.

However the difficulty arises if I want to get user 902 to log in to REMOTE extension 10000 and then log in to queue 60.

The things I see are this:

  1. FreePBX uses the DB /DEVICE/ to determine the dial string, which is populated from the FreePBX frontend.
  2. If I manually make /DEVICE/10000/Dial as SIP/10000 nothing no calls are forwarded.
  3. If I manually create /DEVICE/10000/Dial as Local/10000 calls are forwarded as expected, but there are issues with busy/offhook etc.

Is this something that someone out there has done? Is there any example config anywhere?

I should mention that all our Asterisk control is done via AMI from a .NET application (including the user login, queue login etc). Basically users come in in the morning, enter their User ID, the extension they are sitting in front of, and click “Login”, at which point the app does all the logins and DB updates to log the user in, and also automatically registers them with their default queues.