Freeppbx and Beronet

Hi all, hoping someone can help me out. I have a freepbx box working great. My problem is the internet is very very bad in my area. I have just had ISDN lines fitted and bought a beronet gateway to connect them to my freepbx using a sip account. So far this works fine.

My problem is in my sip trunk providers settings I have set a forward to forward all calls from my main number to the new isdn number. Everything works except for the callerid. When a call comes in it shows on the phones as berofix_trunk.

Anybody got any idea on how to fix it. Thanks.

There are a couple of options you may want to research “trustrpid” is the one I’d start with. We get questions about CID not getting passed from these kinds of devices all of the time - search the forum and you should find some from the last couple of days.

It’s possible that your Beronet is setting the Caller ID of the forwarded call. If it is, and there’s an option to make it stop, you should obviously start there.

Getting Caller ID to work in this case is usually just a matter of getting all of the stuff that’s in place to “help” you out of the way so that the system will actually work right.

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