Freepbxgui and asterisk crash

Hi everyone, i have a big trouble on one of my freepbx server.
Don’t know why, when on load, sometime freepbxgui not responding, and inbound call stop working, had to do a fwconsole restart for all working again … since 3 day happen 4/5 times a day, i check cpu and memory usage, don’t look like too much … don’t know where is the problem and what cause crash of my asterisk … any idea ??

If anyone can help? don’t know where problem come from …
When this happen, on top my cpu is not hight, but terminal are very slow to do my command (fwconsole restart) someone can help me ?

There is insufficient information here for anyone to start trying to diagnose it.

Currently the information suggests either a user error or a hardware failure.

Also, I don’t know if this policy applies to the freepbx forum but the Asterisk forum used to have a policy of not bumping a thread for at least 24 hours.

Ok sorry for my behaviour,
tell me what you need for help me, i look full log but don’t know what searching …
IT’s a vps , don’t think is a hardware failure, and for user failure, don"t do modification on this server since month before to start drive me crazy …


Thanks everyone for help ,
i enable debug mode, and check log when issue appear again,
think is related to web socket error who crash asterisk .
I have Zulu user on this freepbx . here the log
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] ERROR[17035] res_http_websocket.c: Error reading from web socket: Success
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[27344] res_pjsip/pjsip_transport_events.c: Reliable transport ‘ws0x7faa9cf7f128-7’ state:SHUTDOWN
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[17966] http.c: HTTP closing session. Top level
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[17060] iostream.c: TLS non-recoverable I/O error occurred: error:00000005:lib(0):func(0):DH lib, System call EOF
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] VERBOSE[16741] pbx.c: Remove stasis-zulu-desktop-call-processing/h/1, registrar=res_stasis; con=stasis-zulu-desktop-call-processing(0x7fab343674c0); con->root=0x7fab340816e0
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[17966] tcptls.c: ast_tcptls_close_session_file invoked on session instance without file or file descriptor
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[27344] res_pjsip/pjsip_transport_events.c: running callback 0x7faae81cbcf6(0x7faa9ca525f0) for transport ws0x7faa9cf7f128-7
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[16741] pbx.c: delete ctx stasis-zulu-desktop-call-processing res_stasis
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] ERROR[17060] res_http_websocket.c: Error reading from web socket: Success
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[16741] stasis.c: Destroying topic. name: ari:application/zulu-desktop-call-processing, detail:
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[16741] stasis.c: Topic ‘ari:application/zulu-desktop-call-processing’: 0x7faa740a6990 destroyed
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] VERBOSE[16736] stasis/app.c: Destroying Stasis app zulu-mobile-call-push-processing
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[5775] res_pjsip/pjsip_transport_events.c: Reliable transport ‘ws0x7faa9df529d8-5’ state:SHUTDOWN
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[16736] pbx.c: Investigate ctx func_periodic_hook_context func_periodic_hook
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[5775] res_pjsip/pjsip_transport_events.c: running callback 0x7faae81cbcf6(0x7faa9cf61680) for transport ws0x7faa9df529d8-5
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[16736] pbx.c: check ctx func_periodic_hook_context func_periodic_hook
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[16736] pbx.c: check ctx parkedcalls res_parking/default
[2021-07-12 15:48:57] DEBUG[16736] pbx.c: check ctx stasis-zulu-mobile-call-push-processing res_stasis

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