Freepbx16 rtp settings

hello , I want to change strict rtp setting from my own ubuntu vm , i tried changing it in every file containing the setting “strictrtp” , also went through asterisk cli and fwconsole settings ( which doesnt support the command for this anymore).
any suggestions? thanks in advance

Why do you need to change this? Also, you can change it in the GUI under Asterisk SIP Settings since the rtp.conf (and its included configs) are the only thing that use this. You can disable it in the GUI.

Hi , I know about the GUI option, appreciate the help.
I need it from CLI for automation purposes .
changing it from rtp.conf doesnt do anything.

Right, it doesn’t because that information is stored in a database and when you reload/restart things the configs are written out with that information. So any direct editing of non _custom files will be reverted back when a reload/restart is done.

Also, if you have noticed FreePBX doesn’t keep real information in the core config files. So rtp.conf has include commands for rtp_additional.conf (which is where the core config for RTP is held). If you’re trying to automate how to deploy/setup FreePBX systems you’re going to need to understand how updates/changes are done in a system.

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