FreePBX15: Time Condition only works manual

Hell all,
We are using a time condition rule for our office open/close times. It’s a simple flow, from inbound route direct to a call flow control wich overrules the time condition when there is a holiday. I’m using a BLF wich shows the state of the time condition (*271) .
When i use the overrides in the gui or de BLF and trst the different states it all works fine. But when the condtion is triggered by the timetable, the BLF turns red or green if it matches. the flow inside the time condition doesn’t change.
Is this a know problem?

Michel Hendriks (NL)

Not really. That would be a pretty big deal if those suddenly stopped working.

It sounds like you need to tell us more about your configuration. Showing us the logs around the time of the initiation of the automatic trigger would also be a good idea.

I’m going to guess it’s something in the way you’ve got the time conditions cascading.

Thanks for your response cynjut.
While i was looking into the logs i discovered that the time zone under system admin wasn’t set. On the Time condtions page the servertime was correct and triggered the time condition with this time. It looks like when a call comes in it uses the global time zone setting.

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