FreePBX14 Status?

I have been using FreePBX13 with Asterisk13 for quite a while and am wondering if now is the time to switch to FreePBX14. I thought about switching 3-4 months ago but was told that 13 was more stable and to wait until the bugs got worked out of 14. Do you think that time has come now? Thanks!

I would stay with 13 for now if there is nothing you are really wanting with 14. Lots of bugs with EPM on 14 that aren’t on 13. The 14 UCP has CPU usage problems and in general I have been getting worse performance out of 14 with a large call volume, not sure if asterisk or freepbx at this point.

If none of that matters to you then it does have a lot of neat new features and you can change follow me settings without a reload now! the calendar is neat too. Huge UCP change which can be either good or bad depending on your users.

Please clarify. Your CPU issue is only with CDR/CEL in UCP 14.

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