Freepbx14 MP3 support


I have been roaming around the Freepbx GUI and have noticed that there is no support for MP3 files for audio. I would like to use these for hold music and for voicemails. Is there any way to get Freepbx to work with MP3 file and if so can they be the default audio file format that is used for everything instead of WAV files . Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You would have to convert the MP3 to WAV.

MP3 is compressed Audio Anyways, So outside of 8K audio, normally WAV files are always better. Freepbx converts the mp3’s to wavs. But remember you are converting a compressed file to uncompressed so you lose quality. Think about it like blowing up a small photo. Verse shrinking a photo. Most people can’t tell the difference though.

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