Freepbx12, fax pro licensed, no fax in ucp

hi there,

i am about to setup outbound fax. hence i just installed/purchased fax pro module.

unfortunately i cannot see any fax buttons in ucp.

i installed ucp after faxpro, as i did not know before that ucp wasnt installed at all. i disabled and enabled faxpro once, but i hesitate to uninstall/reinstall, cause i am afraid to loose the 150$ licence.

where did i go wrong, can someone tell me where to look or where to go?

thank you very much,
and thank you very much for freepbx in general!


12 is end of life, so I don’t have a test system at hand, I recommend upgrading to 13. Faxing should work, you may need to enable faxing for your your users in User Management.

Uninstalling and re-installing the module won’t do any good, and you won’t lose your license even if you do. The license is attached to the deployment ID.

hi lorne.

thank you for your quick reply.

upgraded to 13. fax now in ucp.

thank you,

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