Freepbx zoiper registration failed

Hey Community, I was wondering if I could get your help.

I have set up a virtual box running centos 6.5 and asterisk 11 with freepbx 2.11.

The issue that I’m facing is I can’t get any softphone (zoiper in my case) on an external network to connect to the box it just says registration failed forbidden 403.

in CLI it says:
[2014-11-10 16:33:05] NOTICE[12307]: chan_sip.c:28162 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘"Name"sip:[email protected];transport=UDP’ failed for ‘yyy.yyy.yy.yyy:30557’ - Wrong password

I have forwarded the ports 5060-5082 and 10000-20000 to the box.
nat is set to yes in the sip settings as well as in the extensions.
I have also tried disabling fail2ban and iptables but was still getting the same error.

Although when I remove the password on the extension I can connect the softphone on the external network and everything works fine, however for security reasons this is not ideal.

Does anyone one have any information about how to get past this? I have searched and searched but no actual resolutions.

Any anyone have any insight on what could be going on?

I would have to say from your post:-

that it is pretty well self evident.

Thanks for the reply,

but I know it’s not an incorrect password, I’ve checked it multiple times, and also like I said when I remove the secret from the extension, I can connect the softphone on an external network perfectly.

the sip stack in asterisk disagrees with you . start with abcddegf123

Yup changed password to abc123, still getting the same errors not able to connect on an external network, able to connect on the internal

sorry i have never had that trouble. maybe someone else . . .

Note it also says from “Name” failed, not an actual extension number, I am guessing that could also be part of your problem…

Doing some testing the “Name” is just the CID, I did try changing that to the extension 201 but still the same issue :frowning:

Well something isn’t right there, as the error is telling you that something is trying to login with a username of “Name”, and the password it’s providing is not valid. That is not CID info, but an actual login attempt with that extension name.

I use Zoiper as well, and it works fine, granted I tend to like IAX2 since it supports it, and is very firewall friendly…

CLI message when I add 201 in the Caller id field
[2014-11-12 00:32:09] NOTICE[15411]: chan_sip.c:28162 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘"201"sip:[email protected];transport=UDP’ failed for ‘yyy.yyy.yy.yyy:51997’ - Wrong password

CLI message with no caller id filled in
[2014-11-12 00:35:20] NOTICE[15411]: chan_sip.c:28162 handle_request_register: Registration from ‘sip:[email protected];transport=UDP’ failed for ‘yyy.yyy.yy.yyy:18561’ - Wrong password

I have Zoiper on my Android device, so I can’t say for sure it’s exactly what your using on your side. In Zoiper over here, you put your extension number in for the Username, and the Host is of course the IP of your PBX, and the Password is your set password. I have nothing in for Caller ID, and it is very happy with it.

If that doesn’t work for yours, I suggest as a starting point trying a different client, as the CID is not what it should be using to establish it’s credentials to the PBX…

Thanks for the replies guys,

I made a little bit of headway, on the zoiper applications on the extneral network if I change the port to 5061 they are able to connect and make out bound calls and will get the ring for inbound calls but it can’t pick them up it will just continue to ring and ring.

Any thoughts?