FreePBX & Yealink & BFL

Hi folks,

This is a first post, so here goes.

I have a newly installed version of Elastix (freepbx)

I have setup two extensions and an external sip trunk

All working so far, can dial between extensions and make external calls.

I am wanting to use the BFL function on a Yealink T28 handset (ext 210) to monitor the extension status of another extension (Ext 211) but no matter which way I try to configure it the BFL feature won’t work (no lights, red or green) but the memory button does call the extension. BFL LED mode set to 0.

I have updated the T28 to the latest firmware version from the website

Asterisk > Info > Subscriptions seems to be reporting the current extension statuses correctly but says 0 watches (Is this an indication??)

I have searched Google and everyone seems to get this bit working so I think it must be something simple but not sure what, please help

Elastix Version: 2.4.0 r8
Freepbx Version: 2.11.0 r17
Asterisk Version: 11.13.0 r0
Yealink T28 Firmware:

Thanks in advance

Problem solved thanks to a nice man at Yealink tech support. In case anyone else reads this thread and they too are pulling their hair out, like I was, then here is the simple solution.

In the Account > Advanced on the phone web page

Scroll down to SIP server type and set to default for some reason on two different versions of phone firmware mine was creating new accounts with this set to Broadsoft and that was all it took to fix it.


For future reference, Elastix is based on FreePBX but with a ton of unsupported changes; you should be going to their forums for support not here. We will try to help you but with all their mods, our solutions may/may not help you.

Hi Overkill,

Many thanks for your reply.
I did place a post on both forums as I was sure it was something that was simple and common to either the hardware or software so figured might as well give it a shot, but hay at least the info is hear for the next guy who needs it.