FreePBX - Working with another IPBX - Redirect and SIP Trunking

Hello everyone !
Im a french student, if my english is bad, let me know and sorry for this.
This year i need to deploy a new SVI (FreePBX) server, because the actual server work with analogic card.
We have already one IPBX (Unify Server).

The aim is to redirect calls, when an external customer call XXXX , call goes on IPBX and it redirect on FreePBX for doing interactive menu etc…

So, my question is : It is possible ? Do i need to configure SIP Trunking ? And Income route on FreePBX ?

Thanks for all

Hi, that’s depends on IPBX (unify central) resources.
FreePBX support analog ports (FXO,FXS), Digital hierarchy E1 PRI/BRI and SIP.
Therefore you should start looking IPBX (unify central) what kind of resources (hardware or and licenses, whatever) available and capabilities to integrate with FreePBX first.

Thanks for your answer
I will try to see what can i do with this Unify :confused:

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