Freepbx working mode

I want to know if we can get Freepbx working as a thick client (also called heavy, rich, or fat client).

Can you clarify…

James, who is he calling fat ???

You could probably say that FreePBX was already a “fat/thick/big/rich client” it certainly shouldn’t be considered a server, that would be the asterisk bit :slight_smile:

We have a freepbx connecting to Huawai OLT, i was told by huawei to get the services (wall waiting…) working properly, the ONT work as thin client and the Freepbx should be the thick client.
The call-waiting of ONT won’t work with the Freepbx server, but the ATA grandstream we use work perfect.
So i try to find out to set up properly our server.
Thanks for reply

There may be a language barrier or general over all confusion of what FreePBX is/does.

The huwai product mentioned would have nothing to do with FreePBX in general.

I assume you are talking about call waiting. I Dont know how this fits in to the above product which in no way appears to be a phone. It could be that is your problem. Perhaps call waiting is best implemented on phones.