FreePBX with World Community Grid

Hi. We partner with World Community Grid from IBM
We are installing FreePBX 13 or perhaps 14 iso (distro). The pc (quadcore, SSD HD 240Gb, 8Gb RAM) will stay unused during the night hours. I checked at World Community Grid and there is a way to install their software in Linux. The WCG BOINC software has an automatic throttle, when FreePBX needs the CPU, BOINC software is suspended automatically and restarts computing when there is unused CPU again. In this way, when FreePBX needs full computing power, there will be no restrictions from BOINC.

Question: I wonder if a FreePBX install could work in paralell with the install of the WCG Boinc software in the same pc. Any advice is welcome!

Distro is CentOS, rpm-based, maybe this page could help (or someone/@staff could advise of suitability of epel repository…?) Or if you are just trying it out, try it :wink:

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Thank you el_es. The WCG page does not mention BOINC would run on CentOS, but on Ubuntu and Red Hat. Is there any way to do it?

I googled Centos EPEL and this came up
scroll down to
depending on if FreePBX has the Extras repo enabled you probably can use those instructions…


Of course, on a non-production machine first…

Thanks! Will try it. :slight_smile: