FreePBX with very high CPU use (mariadb querys)

(Jose Marcano) #1

Hello everybody!

I have a installation of machine with FreePBX server

PBX Version:
PBX Distro: 12.7.6-2002-2.sng7
Asterisk Version:16.6.2

The machine have 300 extensions and at least 30 call queues with 40 agents using flash operator panel (FOP2)

I have a problem in the hours of operation the use of cpu is very high, 80% of cpu use.

When i see the mysql process is using the major qty of processing power


When i check the running querys i see the following querys running all the time, when one query finish another similiar is launched. Analyzing this querys are a high demand of CPU use


SELECT count(*) FROM asteriskcdrdb.cdr  WHERE (src=‘2340’ OR channel LIKE ‘SIP/2340-’ OR channel LIKE 'PJSIP/2340-’ )

SELECT unix_timestamp(calldate) as calldate,concat(IF(dst=‘2291’ OR dstchannel LIKE 'SIP/2291-______’ OR dstchannel LIKE 'PJSIP/2291-
’,src,dst),’!’,clid) as number,duration,disposition,uniqueid FROM asteriskcdrdb.cdr WHERE (dst=‘2291’ OR dstchannel LIKE 'SIP/2291-’ OR dstchannel LIKE 'PJSIP/2291-______’)

I see that the mysql user “freepbxuser” is generating this query but i dont know what is the purpose or what is the module of freepbx causing this query

Anyone can help me to identify the source of this querys?

Thank you!