FreePBX with Sangoma B600

I’m setting up a new FreePBX install with a Sangoma B600 card in it and running into issues.

The card itself is plugged into an ESXi server and using PCI passthrough presented to the FreePBX install. I’m using the distro as it’s simpler and easier.

When trying to get wanpipe working to get the drivers loaded. I’m running into a host of problems, setup-sangoma is not picking up the hardware, yet lspci shows a sangoma card installed:

[[email protected] ~]# lspci | grep Sangoma
03:00.0 Network controller: Sangoma Technologies Corp. Device 0025
[[email protected] ~]#

I’ve tried removing the wanpipe rpm and doing it from scratch, but among other things it wants the sources for dahdi, which I’ve tracked down and tried but still having issues. I suspect I may have to rip out dahdi and install from sources and use the exact same sources to install wanpipe, but unsure.

Anyone else have any experience with this card? It was purchased by the client over my preference, so I have no info on it.

You wont be able to get that card to work in ESXI. I dont think any dahdi cards will work because how dahdi behaves with the kernel but I could be wrong on that. I have never had success.

We’ll see how it’s going to go. I was able to get past the issues above and the card is recognized by dahdi now. I ripped out dahdi rpm’s and installed from source along with wanpipe.

That got the card recognized, which is better than what I had.