FreePBX with MySQL


Does adding data to asterisk MySQL database can create new extension, new outbound and inbound route and trunk only by addind new informations to MySQL. ?

Thank you.


Euh, why would you want to do that?

The idea of using FreePBX is not have to have to take care of those kind of things that way…

There are ways to create extensions, DIDs, etc… in batch, what you must use depends on the version of FreePBX you have… It used to be called Bulk Extensions and Bulk DIDs but now it’s Bulk handler…

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I would not recommend it.
There are many features that rely on settings files. These files are updated when you make a change in the GUI.

The short answer is no.

Information is split between astdb and mysql. When you create an extension it creates a device and a user. The best route if you need to do things programmatically is to use bootstrap and native methods/functions. With this method if we change tables ot data stores it won’t break your stuff.