FreePBX With ESXI 6.0 Problems

Hi first of all i am new with FreePBX and i want to give it a try

i want to run FreePBX on my VMware ESXI 6.0

ESXI 6.0
FreePBX Stable-6.12.65

The things that run and don’t run
1 install goes well and completed
2 i can login true the FreePBX Box terminal
3 but i cant login true the browser Firefox Chrome IE

How can i log the errors and read them or is there a problem with ESXI and FreePBX

Thanks for the replay


Make sure your virtual box has a NIC card correctly setup which can access the internet. Otherwise you likely have a firewall (either external or internal) which is causing the issue.

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I run development boxes on-site to test things before deploying to our cloud-based PBX servers, and have no problems with our ESXI stuff; it should work fine for you.

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oke i can now login bug whas my router

but i got another question is there a tutorial for a FreePBS setup

There’s a lot of info out there, but I don’t think I’ve seen an end-to-end guide. Some of it you’re expected to figure out and some of it you can search for.

I could be wrong about the end-to-end guide, though.

ok i think i check out youtube