Freepbx with Digium 220Card


i am a newbie to this entire digium/freepbx stuff…we have taken a PRI Line from local Telco, Telco will provide one number on hunting with 31 channels. I have installed Asterisk 11 with Dahadi. The PRI card installed is TE220, the card is detected. But unable to receive incoming/outgoing via PRI Trunk. To test i have enabled IVR/Announcement even asterisk -r doesn’t show any activity during incoming call trials, while out going it shows route busy.

Telco provider show it working using pri-tester.

Looking for Help to resolve, anyone do let me know what all info been required

Scenario …> Pri/Freepbx-----SIP-Internal

Hello all, I thought I would hijack this thread as we are having the same problem with a TE121. the issue we have is that dahdi wont load in asterisk:

[2014-02-06 11:11:57] WARNING[2331]: loader.c:486 load_dynamic_module: Error loading module '': /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ undefined symbol: pri_persistent_layer2_option [2014-02-06 11:11:57] WARNING[2331]: loader.c:902 load_resource: Module '' could not be loaded.

we have OK alarm on dahdi_tool and


description=Wildcard TE121 Card 0
devicetype=Wildcard TE121
location=PCI Bus 17 Slot 09
lbo=0 db (CSU)/0-133 feet (DSX-1)

we are running Asterisk 11.6.0 built by root @ 237-138-19-10.digium.internal btw.
One of the guys here ran a yum update, from all the reading weve done, perhaps that broke something, we arent sure.

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ok, after googling just pri_persistent_layer2_option it looked like this is somehthing to do with libpri, so: yum reinstall libpri fixed that.
we are further along, dahdi is now working in asterisk, but still the calls aren’t working, probably context or signalling error settings.

Called DAHDI/G0/7120188
– Span 1: Channel 0/31 got hangup, cause 34

we are also getting the occational error of

NOTICE[1935]: chan_dahdi.c:3236 my_handle_dchan_exception: PRI got event: HDLC Abort (6) on D-channel of span 1

I will update as we go. making progress at the moment though.

I would check with your provider, normally a PRI ISDN interface over E1 will have 30 channels not 31 . the D channel is normally in time slot 16. Dahdi needs to reflect exactly what your provider is providing.

(will have 30 Bearer Channels, the channels that carry a phone call)

That is correct, but I think it is just the way asterisk lists it, 31 channels, but channel 16 is reserved.

The Telco’s Tech is coming out to test the E1 but they aren’t even sure what setting we should be using on our system as they dont have many E1 connections here in Vanuatu and even less asterisk systems.

From what we can find on the net
NOTICE[2442]: chan_dahdi.c:3236 my_handle_dchan_exception: PRI got event: HDLC Abort (6) on D-channel of span 1
error is related to haveing CRC4 either turned on or off, but we have tried both options, I don’t think this is what is stopping the calls from going though the e1.

It will be necessary to know how exactly how the line is provisioned, they surely must know that! Dahdi can be setup to match most anything they tell you (or can just randomly change things :slight_smile: )

No, they dont know, two guys from the telco came out with a whole LG System to test the connection and it works. They dont know how to view the settings they said they are preconfigured for Australia and they just work, he asked us to email them the details of what settings we need and they will forward to another guy who should know.

Randomly changing things is how we got it to work when we had the redfone, but its dead, we have E1, EuroISDN, CCS/HDB3, pri_cpe.

I’m fairly confident it should be working but it must just be something on the server that is not right. we just dont know how to diagnose it more than we have so far.

Hi…At last figured it out . It was Dhadi setting changed to wscp4xxx and it started working. Now problem is my outgoing is not working…says route is busy or please check the number you have dialed.

In Incomming, we have taken single number with 31 channels, how to make it land on other extn.

We sell primarily TE220’s usually get HDLC6 with hardware failures. Recommend testing the card, swapping cables even removing the card and resitting.