FreePBX with Asterisk

1-what is freePBX?

2-Is it just a web server that interconnects with asterisk in order to do some configurations at GUI not by modifying asterisk configuration files (pjsip,extensions,…) in an indirect way?

3-so in this way if i added a user from gui at freepbx i must see this modification at asterisk configuration files as well right? just like if i added a user from GUI then i must be able to see this user at pjsip.conf for example!?

4- Do u recommend installing freepbx especially that i ve been programming asterisk for nearly a year?

5- if i used freepbx i will still be able to do some modifications at pjsip.cong directly if needed right? and i will still be able to write my dialplan at extensions.conf if needed not to be strict to freePBX GUI? will i be still able to enter asterisk CLI in order to debug and check if everything is okay?

thanks in advance

1&2: FreePBX is a little more than your descriptions !
3: yes there are additional conf files that you can check them.
4&5: We don’t know what you did in Asterisk. But you are able to customize the dialplan and conf files (check the wiki for How-to)

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What are you trying to build? FreePBX is designed for business phone systems, with good support for specialties such as call centers and hotels. All the typical features are there (voicemail, IVR, queues, recording, reports, etc.) It handles multiple offices well, with users in different time zones and speaking different languages. Support for work-from-home and fixed-mobile integration is fairly good. It is unsuited for multi-tenant systems.

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i am trying to switch to FreePBX to make things easier such as adding a user and adding a sip trunk and these stuff. i coul d do all of these on asterisk but you know in a GUI things are simpler to do and to teach. teach other admins how to do it. but i am trying to make sure that i will still have the ability to keep scripting from pjsip.conf and extensions.conf file if needed.

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