FreePBX with 2N voiceblue

Hi all,

Appreciate if anyone could have a look at this.

I have a freepbx on a remote location with a 2N voiceblue gateway that is used for national calls which has a sim card inserted.

The FreePBX has 2 PJSIP trunk with another provider which is working fine.

the main issue is between the freepbx and the 2N voice blue.
I have a single unauthenticated PJSIP trunk between the freepbx and 2N voicelbue, which is used for national calls. the Freepbx receives the call from the ip phone, if its a national call, it then sends out of this trunk which goes through the 2N voiceblue.

And i have an PJSIP Extension configured on Freepbx to register the 2N voiceblue, this extension is authenticated and is used for the incoming calls on the sim card. when there is an incoming call on the sim card, the 2N voiceblue receives it, and then it should send the call over that Ext to FreePBX which is then sent to the final ip phone.

the problem here is, this PJSIP ext never registers. on the 2N voiceblue page, it shows “registeration error” error code 404. however, the outgoing calls work just fine, except the incoming.

but when i change the Ext driver in freepbx from PJSIP to normal SIP, and change the port from 5060 to 5160 on 2N voiceblue, this ext registers fine, the incoming calls start work, however the outgoing calls Fail !

thank you in advance for any help !


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