FreePBX will occasionally go down

I doubt there is any way we can help you in that case.

For Asterisk one would want the full log, as a minimum.

One could also look at the various log in /var/log, particularly syslog.

for generic system failures, install sysstat to see what is not 100%, for ongoing system irregularities, perhaps logwatch but that needs a little rtfm’ing to be direct

I’m entirely reinstalling FreePBX again I decided.

When I was new to FreePBX I also had systems that “appeared” to go down and it turned out I was not properly protected from intrusion detection shutting down the IP block my admin PC was on. Make sure you have access to more than 1 IP block to access your PBX and make sure both blocks are on the known network lists and in the intrusion detection white list. Rebooting the PBX a few time sin short duration turns off the firewall allowing you to connect again but eventually restarts the firewall and you get locked out again. In my case this was usually a phone or two that were programmed to use the PBX and I deleted the extensions but did not reset the phones so they were still trying to login to the PBX without any valid credentials causing the firewall intrusion detection to lock out my IP again.

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Or just disable fpbx firewall entirely.

Absolutely not, my PBX is internet facing and the firewall is a MUST!

I have intrusion detection set for 2 bad logins in 5 minutes and ban forever! Better to be safe than sorry.

I didn’t say not to use a firewall. I just said don’t use freepbx firewall since you seem to be fighting with it. I have had similar issues with it, which is why I don’t like using it anymore.

Configuring iptables yourself is fairly straight forward with tons of good info all over the internet. It’s something all linux administrators should be familiar with anyways imo.

What port and protocol are you accepting REGISTER and INVITE SIP messages on ?

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