FreePBX will not update asterisk configuration files

Running FreePBX 12.0.36 on a multi-tenant FreeBSD VPS set up with jails.

Lately, FreePBX is unable to update the asterisk configuration files in /usr/local/etc/asterisk. For example, when I added a new extension and clicked “Apply Changes”, the new extension does not appear in extensions_additional.conf at all. As a result, the new extension doesn’t work. I’ve tried running “amportal a r” manually and it works fine with no errors reported.

When I go to ASTETCDIR and check the mtimes of the conf files, I can see that only two files have been modified this month:

[[email protected] /usr/local/etc/asterisk]# ls -l|grep Feb
-rwxrwxr-x  1 asterisk  asterisk     844 Feb  6 13:07 indications.conf
-rwxrwxr-x  1 asterisk  asterisk    1960 Feb  6 12:55 voicemail.conf

I can see that the new extension I added is mentioned on one line in voicemail.conf, so it appears that FreePBX is able to successfully update these two files and then stops. However, I can’t find and error messages or logs.

The permissions on all the .conf files seem fine as far as I can tell - they are all the same (asterisk/asterisk).

Any ideas? How do I debug this?

I figured this one out: /var/www/html/admin/libraries/BMO/WriteConfig.class.php was hard-coded to write config files to “/etc/asterisk” and did not respect the ASTETCDIR setting.

@bradenm, Can you please open a bug report on this issue. Bug reports can be opened at


Yep, already done: