FreePBX Webserver error. Works only for a bit after restart

Hey Guys,

Im new to the forum because I could not find a solution to my problem anywhere else. I recently (a week ago) installed the FreePBX Distro and everything was running smoothly. I set it up with my Obi110 device following the tutorials that are around on the net. After I got it to work with it the next day I could not access the Distro Admin page through the web portal (pbx ip address). Everything else was working. I restarted the server, then I was able to access it but for less than a minute. I could see on the Webserver status go form “OK” to “timeout” and then “error” thus making it in-accessible again. I played around with my NAT settings along other setting in my router but I don’t think it could be a network problem because every other server on the Distro works. Could it be a port issue? can someone please help me?

I also looked at the Asterisk logs but I could not find anything (not out of the ordinary at least). Is there an effective way to debug Webserver issues?

Hi, did you ever find a solution? I’m having the same problem and searching didn’t lead me to anywhere.

Web server logs are generally located in /var/log/httpd/error.log.

Well what I finally did was, build another FreePBX machine and it worked. I guess it could have been a hardware issue or misconfiguration. Thanks anyways

Hello everyone,
I am using obi110 as FXO only;with a dynamic ip on obi.the freepbx is hosted
I have no sound in or out. at all
I have DMZ at the obi side.
I tried searching for a few days in the forum but could not find a suitable solution
can anyone help please?
thank you

Pbxtel - You can start by not hijacking posts. Post a new thread with a correct subject.

Second, you can write complete detailed sentences so the reader can understand your setup.

Lastly, you need to tell us the FreePBX and Asterisk versions.

Good day,
pretty bad start in the forum;
sorry I will follow your advise and post a new topic