FreePBX web interface becomes unreachable

I have installed FreePBX My extensions registered to server via FreePBX UCP.
Usually everything works fine, but sometimes my FreePBX web interface becomes unavailable, extensions can’t register to FreePBX and I can’t connect to FreePBX admin page. When I connect to server through ssh I see high CPU load. To resolve the issue I restart asterisk service then apache service and then kill /var/www/html/admin/modules/dashboard/scheduler.php process.

Please help me to find cause of problem,
Thank you.

maybe a simple thing …

fail2ban checks …

No, my IP address is included in whitelist.

maybe you’re not the only one with this problem, I found others who report similar things

I have not installed FOP on my FreePBX.

I am having the same issue as well. Scheduler.php is 100% (or near) cpu. Causing the system to be very sluggish. Not really finding anything int he logs yet.