FreePBX vs PBXact UC

I’ve been trying to find a comparison between PBXact UC and FreePBX. We currently have been using FreePBX throughout all our deployments but I’m curious about PBXact UC.

What is different about it?
Would we lose any features available in FreePBX
Is it updated as often as FreePBX
Is there a demo of it that we could try out?

Are there any migration tools from FreePBX into PBXact?

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I would recommend opening up a sales ticket at

Basically, the difference is that PBXact UC is indeed the commercially supported version of the OSS FreePBX. Along with that, you have many of the most popular software/modules/add-ons that are typically “ala carte” inclusive within PBXact. With that being said, to your question, no you wouldn’t lose features, you would be gaining.

Is it updated as often as FreePBX? The short answer is no, and here is why… Our internal developers, though they are constantly providing updates/upgrades to FreePBX and the associated modules, and perform rigorous internal QA and testing, they know that it may take several months to flesh out potential variables that just cannot all be tested for internally. We prefer to think of PBXact as the “hardened” version of FreePBX. Updates generally occur several times per year, and we only move fwd with those when we are 200% sure we want to stake claim to that on a commercial system distributed with our (Sangoma) name on it.

As for a demo, no there is no actionable demo currently. We do have several videos, etc., but in the general sense of the system functionality (outside of the additional modules) if you are comfortable implementing/supporting FreePBX, you will only find PBXact easier. There are only a few GUI “touchy feely” changes to the UI as well.

Migration tools? Yep. This can be done on your hardware, or on previously purchased hardware appliances from us as well. If you wish, contact me directly for more details and we can go through the full gamut of your needs to assess what is the best way, and what is the best solution for your specific environment.

[email protected] or (920)886-8130 (I am at ext 4004)

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