FreePBX vs AsteriskNOW

I would like to install an Asterisk but I got confused about FreePBX distro and AsteriskNOW distro. What are differences between the two?

You want to get more confused you also have the PBX In a Flash Distro.

Asterisk Now uses an older version of FreePBX, it can be updated but in my opinion is not that vibrant.

The active, highly support and vibrant distro’s are our (FreePBX) and PBX in a flash. Each one has it’s strengths and weaknesses.

You should also consider the community that you feel more comfortable in. Either Philippe’s cherubs or Ward’s apes (ducking and running).

Thank you very muach for quick response.
SykingOH, I start to learn Asterisk with writing codes to build custom dial-plan and IRV … But there are many choices around Asterisk such as: FreePBX, AsteriskNOW, Trixbox … and Asterisk itself. I dont know which one is better to go with. And do you think that, for my needs, should I install Asterisk itself on the Linux system?

How do I know what your needs are?

The FreePBX distro is designed to be stable and integrator friendly. If you don’t need the FreePBX functions and GUI then by all means build Asterisk 10 from source and have fun with all the new features.

Thank you very much for your help, SkykingOH.
I was out of town for a while. sorry for late response …
Thanks again

hello ,
i wanna to know what is the appropriate solutuion based on asterisk to have an outbound ivr
thank u