FreePBX Voicemail Transcription

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That specific script is built on work with no explicit license terms. I’ve noted that in the notes at the top, and presumably anyone who is using it is comfortable with that. But it does make it unsuitable for inclusion in the freePBX core.

One of the goals of Asterisk 19 (due out in the fall) is improved support for TTS and STT. Once we see that take shape, ‘proper’ FreePBX support will follow.

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Great - Like I said in another post, I am getting back to my On-Premise boxes (we have been focused on Hosted for years now) and this is one of the key things that hosted had an exclusive on that is no longer the case.

I am also experimenting with your Web Phone - assuming that works the way it’s advertised, FreePBX is a real option when compared to Hosted from other vendors - and trunking to a FreePBX is way cheaper than hosted especially on larger installs (30+ Phones).

Great work - Thanks!

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