FreePBX VNP clinet to Server

I have a FreePBX on the cloud that I like to link with on-premises Mitel PBX. each PBX has its own duties but still want extension on both to be able to call each other. I have VPN server already setup on the network and im looking to get the cloud FreePBX to connect to it. All the article I found is about installing VPN server on the FreePBX and have others connect to it, so im wondering if its possible for FreePBX to be the client side and connect to the VPN server.

Is is surely possible, you will have to configure it manually though.

Assuming OpenVPN, once you have installed it on the FreePBX box, just create the desired client.ovpn file and you should be able to start the client manually.

After you get that working, you’ll find several articles on how to make it run automatically at system startup.
The above assumes connection to a commercial VPN server, but automating the connection to your own server should be no different, once the manual connection is working.

Why use a VPN? Just make a SIP trunk. Restrict the connections by IP at the firewall.

You don’t think your calls are actually encrypted after they hit your provider do you?

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