Freepbx Vmail to Transcription

Hi I found this in another thread GitHub - westparkcom/FreePBX-VM-Transcription: Script to transcribe voicemail and convert voicemail recordings to MP3 I have it all set but I get an error that sendmail has no address in the header, and consequently fails. Has anyone using these scripts run into this??


How did

yum install python36u python36u-pip python36u-devel

workout ?

Does your google account work for stt as your asterisk user? , (the asterisk user needs to be ‘initialized’ against any json ‘auth’ file you have )

The yum install went OK The pip3.6 griped that pip install was old. I didn’t even look to see if asterisk was assigned to the json file

The asterisk user does not need to be ‘assigned’ to that file, any user can use it, but it does need that to be setup in the user that wants to do stt with google’s home directory.
You can use GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to point to that json file.

I explained that badly, the json file that contains your authority needs to be available and readable and identifiable by the asterisk user trying to connect to ‘google cloud’ to successfully STT

Quick recipe to verify everything is AOK

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I have a similar script which is known to work on the Distro that uses IBM speech to text service in case it’s of any value to you Asterisk voicemail mailcmd script for VM transcription · GitHub

Thanks Lorne I will check it out. Is there a compelling reason for using IBM over Google? I have seen in other threads that IBM phonetically spells out numbers where Google doesn’t. That was a biggie.

Thanks again

I don’t have enough experience with both to recommend one over the other. Others may be able to.

Fair enough. It seems like this would have more interest. Oh well Thanks again

Gcloud supportts customizable adaptations

gcloud also does “phone calls” well, the AI behind it knows that long strings of numbers are likely not bank account balances

Thanks Dicko

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