FreePBX VLAN and disable traffic on physical parent interface

My network has a VOIP VLAN defined in the LAN. I needed to configure FreePBX to communicate with VLAN tagging only. The articles I found around the internet only covered creating the VLAN and not eliminating untagged traffic over the LAN/physical port. Having both caused confusion with DNS since both IP addresses assigned were to the same hostname.

Here is what I did to limit traffic over the VLAN only. Note that I maintain my static address assignments in DHCP.

Here are the steps to configure the VLAN:

  1. Go to System Admin > Network Settings > Create Interface
    VLANID=20 (or whatever the ID was configured in your network)

Save and Apply

There were 2 network interfaces created: eth0.20 and [email protected]

  1. Verified I could access the web GUI at the newly assign VLAN address.

  2. Verified that the new VLAN was set to “Start Automatically”.

  3. Assigned eth0 with:
    Static IP=
    Start Automatically=No

  4. Rebooted server.

On observation, the eth0 came back as “Unconfigured”in the web GUI. I also noticed that the [email protected] was set to Start Automatically=No. I found it odd that FreePBX basically “unconfigured” eth0. On the console, the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 configuration file reflected the IP address.

If you cannot bring up the web GUI on reboot, you likely didn’t set the VLAN interface to Start Automatically=Yes. You can simply log in as “root” user on the FreePBX console and edit the configuration file directly /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0.20. Change the ONBOOT=’YES’ parameter and reboot again. To edit the file, you’ll have to use the vim or vi command since this is command line only – no graphical tools.

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