Freepbx variables

I am currently using Freepbx firmware 12.7.5-1807.sng-7 Service pack 1.0.00
I have the commercial Endpoint Manager
My phones are all Grandstream GXP2160 firmware
My question concerns the use of variables in the Endpoint Manager. I have an issue where the phones do not pickup the background image from the Freepbx server when the image is changed in the EPM. I have looked at the basefile and it shows that the image path is in the variable ‘background’. My question is how to find out the content of that variable. If I could find out the contents of that variable, it would let me know if the issue I am having is with the path to the server or if it is something else. As it is, I don’t know what path Freepbx is sending to the phones. And I would like to see the exact syntax of the path.
There have been several related posts and none seem to have answered my question.

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