FreePBX v16 - Ready for production roll-out?

We have many v15 PBXes running very well. v15 is almost 4 years old. v16 is 8 months since RTM.

Is v16 ready for production use?

Yeah, it’s been ready for months. People are running it all the time now. Also, v15 was released in late 2019…so it’s not even 3 years old yet let alone “almost 4”.

Is it risky to use PBX Upgrader?
I have a FreePBX 15 with 300 extensions, a lot of active commercial modules and I’m a bit afraid…

I know it is recommended to do a backup / restore to do the migration, but I am afraid to lose many settings. The PBX works in IPv6 with TLS / SRTP, thanks to some special settings.

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