FreePBX v14 - Asterisk Will not start

Greetings, I have been digging V14. The calendar module is EXACTLY what I needed.

However, I have had some issues with it. I am using the official distro.

I will toss out the first couple issues I had as self-inflicted but this one I would like to solve. All I did was create basic system settings: extensions, trunks and routes. I did change a few extensions over to chan_sip because pjsip I could not get any audio with.

After the change to chan_sip on 2 extensions I noticed extensions would not register (either chan_sip or pjsip). I figured something went wrong and rebooted. After I did Asterisk refuses to start. I see the following at startup in the cli.

Thanks in advance

Error From Module FreePBX\modules\Sysadmin: ‘mkdir(): Permission denied’

motd []…

EDIT — After probably 20mins Asterisk started, looking though logs and such now.
EDIT 2 – I have extensions registering and then unregistering. Moving entire system to chan_sip. After doing so and rebooting it still taking Asterisk 5+ mins to start
EDIT 3 – Maybe it is just me but I keep having stability issues with the V14 distro. The aforementioned Asterisk issues and now just general instability where the system stops responding.

Might be best to reinstall and use the latest distro.

It’s the latest. But I am trying from scratch once more.

I think things got wonky when I had both sip and pjsip active attempting to use both and on non-standard ports. The system would get very flaky under those circumstances.

So I am trying a fresh attempt with just sip. It has been running for 3 or 4 hours now that way and so far so good.

I’m having this same issue with a fresh install from the released distro…

You are logging into the system too quickly after a boot. Just wait a bit and everything will be fine

Ah, excellent. Yes, it was right after a reboot and the terminal auto reestablished the link. Thanks…

@kristiandg, for more information you can check the following thread:

There are actually two messages I know you can get when you log on your system too fast, the one you had and the one I described in this post:

Contrary to what I said in the first thread I am referring you to the message you got is not MariaDB (ie database) related (at least not directly if it is) but the reason is the same for both messages, the boot process has not yet finished when you log on.

Have a nice day!