FreePBX Usermanager and Bulk Handler questions

OK, I have upgraded some systems from FPBX 11.x to 13.x, and that now means I have usermanager to handle access to things like UCP and so on. After the conversion I ran into issues with UCP access which some pointed out I should use Bulk Handler to process, and looking at all this leaves me with some questions, I hope someone can answer.

First off, when moving to the new version, when I try and access the UCP, I can’t get users extensions to login to the UCP, even though UCP access is enabled. If I go in and set a password in Userman, then all works. So how is Userman getting the password it’s using after the conversion?? Apparently it’s not the users Vmail pass, as it rejects that. Also as I can’t see the pass in Userman, I have no clue as to what this is set to as a default, and I checked the wiki.

Also if I use the Bulk Handler to export the userman users, or even the extensions, the passwords are null, even though I know they exist, so again no way to find out what the darn system things it’s using. So if I am right, there is no way to import a working config with passwords, as you can’t export them to start with.

OK, now on Bulk Handler, I remember in the old bulk extensions and did’s that you had to tell it to add, delete, or update. So using Bulk Handler, if I import users into Userman that already exist, what happens?? Does it just replace the existing entry, create a new dupe, or what?

I have to do hundreds of entries, so I am trying to avoid doing this all one at a time, and would love to not have to reset every users password. Any help is appreciated…

No this is very insecure

It’s auto generated and not in a reversible format.

Because the passwords are stored in an unreversible format. You don’t want users passwords stored in plaintext on your systems.

You are wrong. If you import with a password from the CSV it will encrypt it for you.

When you go to the validation screen it asks what you’d like to do.

Thanks for the answers Andrew, one last question if I may…

You said the passwords are auto-generated, if that is the case, how do you know what they are? Are are you saying it auto-generates a password, puts it in, and the account is just not available till you come back and set it again for the user?

I ask as right now I have about 500 accounts that are not available for use on the systems.

If the answer is, they are auto-generated and we have no clue what they are set to, then I guess the million dollar question is…

Is there any way to have the accounts allow the users to set a new initial password, to recover their login? Or does some admin, have to go thorough by hand, or via bulk handler and make up and set all the passwords for the users?

If you allowed emails to be sent to the user thats how they’d know. If not they will have to reset them

They can already recover their login. Go to UCP and look.

I knew there was something there, and to be honest I don’t know how many have set emails on the big system. Still I agree that all makes sense, they may have to have their IT people take time to waltz through and setup peoples emails.

The big systems moved forward from it was like distro 4.x or 5.x, so at times we run into stuff that just didn’t used to be something that was setup. I remember them once saying nobody would use the ARI, but now everyone wants UCP… :slightly_smiling:

Thanks again as always Andrew…

You can also switch the authentication mode to “voicemail” then userman would “import” your voicemail users and use that as auth.

People want UCP because its not slow and stupid like ARI was. Heh. When it’s actually useful (voicemail playback and cdr playback in browser) people want this stuff :wink:

Andrew, Thanks for the info - I’ve written a perl script to parse the old voicemail.conf and produce an import file for bulk handler so I can update the passwords. It seems that each user must also be a member of a specific usermanager group (in this case group id 1, All Users).

My question is, can I simply update the blob field in the userman_groups table to accomplish that, or are there other things/places that need updating? I’m aware that it’s the record ID that gets inserted into the BLOB, not the extension. I’ve got several hundred users to fix…

Why do this when you can just change the usermanager login method to use voicemail. its in the gui.

We tried that, it didn’t work. It also had the side effect of making the groups disappear.

So instead of you hacking the db (also what happens when users change vm passwords) why don’t you report a bug to get it fixed?

Of course. You are changing authentication methods. You’d need to create new groups. This is how any authentication switching system works. The groups dont migrate.

Thank you for the info.

OK, so changing the usermanager login method to use voicemail should cause userman to import the passwords from the voicemail.conf, and optionally synchronize it based on the selected interval.

Following along on that, I have to create new groups. Is there an easy way to add a large number of extensions to a group? As currently, the drop-down selector only allows a single selection. Control clicking keeps the selection box open, but there are hundreds of users to add…