FreePBX upgrade help advice v13

Ok have a system here running very well for 5 plus years no issues.
The system details is as follow

PBX Firmware: 10.13.66-21
PBX Service Pack:
Current Asterisk Version: 11.25.1

its behind on loads of updates

Now the issue arises is time conditions and and system announcement and IVR are need to be added.

the pbx server time is out of sync i believe this is to do with the core module and sysadmin update required, reading through old post.

i have run the updates cycle from the gui and lots of update needed

can anyone recommend the best way without breaking anything and doing extra work?

Just update !
want to stick with v13 for now, or should l upgrade to v14 using tool after all v13 updates installed?

I would make a full backup of the 13 sys and restore it on a new 16 install on another system. Make sure all is okay and then xfer production to the new setup.

shall i update the modules showing above or is there no need?

Should i take full back from the GUI backup restore option? or CLI which im not to proficent with

You can take the backup from the GUI. I’d do the restore from the console though.

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