FreePBX upgrade from 2.7 tp 2.9 = dead PBX


Last night I upgraded a FreePBX 2.7 system to 2.8 and then to 2.9. Now things are not working. Outside lines calling are getting a busy signal and inside staff calling out are getting an ‘All circuits are busy’ msg. The system has a Wildcard TE121 (VPMADT032) T1 card installed. I believe the issue is with this and the DAHDI configuration.

Here are a couple errors that make me think that:

[Nov 8 08:48:06] WARNING[3174] chan_dahdi.c: PRI Error on span 0: We think we’re the network, but they think they’re the network, too.

[Nov 8 08:48:15] WARNING[3174] chan_dahdi.c: No D-channels available! Using Primary channel 24 as D-channel anyway!

Any ideas? The system is currently down so any ideas or directions to head would be appreciated.


You might want to check all perms on all files/folders and also check all symbolic links in /etc/asterisk and /var/lib/asterisk/bin.