FreePBX Upgrade from 10.13.x (SHMZ) to 14 RC (EL7) Issues

I’m creating this topic for those of us performing the much anticipated upgrade from SHMZ based FreePBX to the new EL7 platform.

Has anyone noticed any problems, and if so, what are they? Let’s help the devs!

How are you doing this?


What would be the recommended way to migrate from 13 to 14 ? trying to find the docs.

rebuild from scratch?

Next week we will release our FreePBX 10.13 to SNG7 upgrade RPM that will do everything for you. Just wrapping it up in QA as we speak

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Thanks for the quick reply… I noticed a STABLE release on the website already and thought I was behind the times :wink:

Clean install are relatively trivial. Taking an existing system from an el6 equivalent to an el7 equivalent takes a bit of magic.

to be clear, I am totally OK with a rebuild… It’s always a good exercise and flexes necessary muscles :wink:

I am hoping that the backup/restore can effectively move over extensions, trunks, IVR, and other config elements. THAT is the part I worry about the most. I tend to take screenshots of every screen in case I have to rebuild the config manually and from scratch… but I dislike that part.

That won’t be possible. You cannot restore cross-versions with the Backup/Restore module. It doesn’t know the difference and will write out the old code from your version and could (will) break the system. The cross-version restoring feature is a v15 plan per the blogs. you have to have both servers up. This will push between versions

I’m not-as of yet. Rather I’m anticipating issues that users may have with the future rpm and will try to assist any way I can :slight_smile: