FreePBX upgrade 13 -> 14


Just tried to upgrade old asteriskNow distro to recent FreePBX 14 using standard distro-upgrade procedure.
I have to clean some manually installed rpm’s. Got some broken modules after the upgrade and fixed them by post_upgrade script. In general system works fine (I was running pjsip and after upgrade chan_sip become default sip driver).

I have small isuues with Dashboard - RSS just disappeared, and the window with FreePBX statistik shows nothing but blank window from time to time. Reinstalling dashboard module didn’t helped.

Also I noticed that there are a number of el6 packages left int the system from the Centos6.6.

[[email protected] ~]# yum list installed | grep @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
ConsoleKit-libs.x86_64 0.4.1-3.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
MAKEDEV.x86_64 3.24-6.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
bfa-firmware.noarch @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
cloog-ppl.x86_64 0.15.7-1.2.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
dash.x86_64 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
eggdbus.x86_64 0.6-3.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
fxload.x86_64 2008_10_13-2.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
grub.x86_64 1:0.97-93.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
hal-info.noarch 20090716-3.1.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
hal-libs.x86_64 0.5.14-14.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
lcms-libs.x86_64 1.19-1.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
libGeoIP1.x86_64 1.5.1-55.1 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
libfreebob.x86_64 1.0.11-6.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
libnih.x86_64 1.0.1-7.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
libpri-debuginfo.x86_64 1.4.12-13.shmz65.1.4 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
libwat-debuginfo.x86_64 2.1.0-1.shmz65.1.17 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
mingetty.x86_64 1.08-5.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
moh-sounds.noarch 1.0.0-2 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
nas-libs.x86_64 1.9.2-1.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
ppl.x86_64 0.10.2-11.el6 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6
schmooze-dahdi.noarch 1.0.0-2 @anaconda-SHMZ-201501302108.x86_64/6.6

Just wondering if it save to delete them all?

In advanced settings do you see your RSS urls?

There is no ‘default’ SIP driver, do you mean that pjsip was disabled post upgrade?

Yes, after upgrade only chan_sip was enabled. Before upgrade I had only pjsip enabled.

Yes, Under Advanced Settings -> System Setup -> RSS Feeds I can see 2 feeds confugured

But RSS widget just missing on dashboard

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