FreePBX Updates vs. yum and module admin

I am a little confused here, and I am sure that this information is out there somewhere, but my efforts to locate it have failed.

I have traditionally updated my systems via a combination of yum from the command line and the FreePBX module admin. However, since switching to the FreePBX distro a while back, I periodically run into the FreePBX Distro Update mechanism, which is different (see: These updates can be applied by running the scripts on the link, or using the System Admin Pro module, AFAICT.

What is the “officially sanctioned” method of applying updates? I don’t want to inadvertently downgrade a machine that has been upgraded by yum by applying the FreePBX updates…


PS: Am I correct that the FreePBX updates should be applied in order, or can one simply apply the latest update script and the interim steps will be applied?

  • The distro should be updated via the method mentioned in the wiki link above.
  • FreePBX modules can be updated independently through module admin.
  • For imminent security threats you can yum update individual packages. These are rare and you will typically see an advisory saying to update.
  • The update scripts will handle all of the above. for you.

Thank you. Is it necessary to apply each update in order, or should one just apply the latest?

As the instructions say, go in order

Does this mean if I did a brand new install today with the latest distro that I shouldn’t do a YUM UPDATE?