FreePBX update

I’m trying to update FreePBX 13.0.144 to more recent version (13.0.147) downloaded today. While running ./install -n --dbpass="..." I get such error: Exception: fatal error reading freepbx_settings:: in file /var/www/html/admin/libraries/utility.functions.php on line 205.

What am I doing wrong?

That is NOT how you update freepbx. You need to go through module admin.

I am not trying to update modules. I see that FreePBX itself was updated last night.

You are trying to update freepbx right? You do that through module admin. You don’t rerun the install script.

You mean Module Admin must show the updates not only for modules but also for FreePBX? Well, it doesn’t.

The reported FreePBX version is the version of the Framework module. All of FreePBX can be updated from Module Admin. Is it possible that you are trying to do FreeBPX Distro updates? In which case you need to be using the methods outlined here:

I’m looking for a way to make FreePBX work on Gentoo. It’s an experiment for me so far. I discovered that the file at alters very often while updates in the Module Admin do not.

I think you are confused. They change at the same pace. Once installed you update freepbx framework through module admin. You are seeing latest change more quickly because it’s in edge mode. So go set your freepbx to edge mode.

Got it, thank you. Didn’t know about the edge mode.